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Thank you for your interest in Forté Coffee. As a small business, the health of this community is important to our success. We receive numerous requests for sponsorships and donations, frankly more than we can afford to fund. As a result, we must say no more than yes. There are many very worthy causes in our community that deserve funding.


Our philosophy is to focus on one area rather than spread our efforts across multiple needs. Our primary focus is on animal welfare. While there are arguments to be made whether this is the right approach, this is the approach we have determined is best for the growth of Forté Coffee. If you are a 501c3 organization involved in animal welfare, we’re here to listen to your ideas. We wish you luck with your fundraising efforts. 


The Forté Coffee Team 

Please join “Maynard” in her quest to improve animal welfare. Here are a few examples of our work.


– Cash donations to Wildlife Victoria (  to help with animal relief affected by the wild fires in early 2020. The donations were triggered from the sale of Papua New Guinea coffee.

– Supporting Orangutan habitat in Sumatra through a donation at the wholesale level.

Our “Dip-Jar” which sends a donation directly to The Humane Society of Southwest Michigan. Forté Coffee pays the annual feels associated with operating this donation tool.

– “Maynard” also provides complimentary dog biscuits for her canine friends who visit any of our locations, and free brewed coffee to anyone who is short a few bucks.

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