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We are a family of animal lovers. Our text-chats are filled more often with pictures of our animals than words. When we started Forté Coffee we knew we wanted to create a feeling of playfulness, love and caring. The image of “Maynard” came from the playful pose dogs take when they want to play. We thought this was a perfect image for a playful brand.  As we shared this image with people, it clearly won them over. There were smiles and you could see the love in everyone’s eyes when they looked at the image. 


You may be surprised to learn that we have never had a dog named “Maynard." We simply chose the name from our own last name to represent all of the pets who have been (or will be) a part of our family. So “Maynard” represents all of our dogs: Emma, Trixie, Rosie, Murphy, Minnie, Zooey, and Oliver, and all of our cats: Dolly, Miko, Lilli, Milo, Moose, Whimsey, Tony, Aurthur Weasley, Luna, Maebe and Scout.


With love, 


The Maynard Family

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